Je Kontre, or “Eyes Meet”

Elise Young of ActionAid USA is in Papaye, Haiti with MPP, RENAHSSA, KONAFAP, MPNKP, KROSE, Fanm Deside, KPGA, APV, COZPAM, PAPDA, Kaba Grangou land and housing platform (Je Kontre) and other people’s movements…about to do 10,000-20,000 person march from Papaye to Hinche to celebrate this month’s international

environment day, protest Monsanto, and promote a reconstruction process that prioritizes local agricultural production, food sovereignty, land rights, permanent housing for the 700,000 Haitiens still living under tents and direct consultation and partnership with grassroots movements.

The emerging campaign, called Je Kontre, or “Eyes Meet” is calling for creation of a National Housing Plan that prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable over multi-nationals, a reformed National Agriculture plan that prioritizes smallholder farmers over export agribusiness and a reconstruction process done in direct partnership with Haitian Civil Society.

“This march on June 21, 2011, is a commemoration of last year’s June 4 marched in protest against Monsanto seeds donated to the Haitian gov., which we consider to be a poisoned gift. This march is also an act of solidarity, in which we are advocating for a reconstruction process in partnership with the grassroots. May the voice of knowledge be heard at each level of development in Haiti,” Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, MPP.


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