ActionAid “Je Nan Je” advocates finish up DC tour today

By Elise Young

The ActionAid/Je Nan Je platform finished their DC tour strong today. (Click here for more photos of the week, courtesy of Shelley Moskowitz and UUSC.) It started with giving interviews to local radio in the morning. Next, they attended Rep. Maxine Water’s briefing on democracy and governance. Waters opened the briefing by saying that “Today is an opportunity for us to hear about what the government is and what it is not…what the needs are and where do we go from here. Only when Haiti can govern itself, will it do what is needed in order to help its people.”

Representative Maxine Waters, who sponsored the briefing on Democracy and Governance, speaking at a reception, with Rep.'s John Conyers, Yvette Clarke, Je nan Je partner, Jean Robert Pierre, and Colette Lespinasse.

ActionAid partner and Je Nan Je member, Marie Ange Noel, Coordinator of the women’s organization, Fanm Deside, shared important information with the Congresswoman on the lack of female representation in the Haitian parliament and how this affects democratic processes. Previous Haitian Justice Minister Rene Magloire shared key information on a new Martelly appointed commission on justice reform which “will have a task that is both delicate and extremely important” of which Magloire will serve as Vice President.

Marie Ange Noel, Je nan Je member and Coordinator of the Haitian Women's Coalition based in Jacmel, Fanm Deside

Grassroots leader Marguerite Salomon of GCFV spoke on the condition and democratic status of women post earthquake. “After the earthquake, many of the women’s groups in Haiti lost their power. They were no longer able to participate in the organizations in the same way, because they had to deal with immediate needs and emergencies on the ground….and they did not have enough of a voice in the reconstruction.”


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