Packed room in the House for Haiti briefing

By Elise Young

We have another packed room in the Gold Room of the Rayburn House building, and just heard from Rep.’s Barbara Lee and Frederica Wilson (featured in photo with Je Nan Je member, Pierre DouDou) present to the group.

Rep. Lee spoke of the need for greater aid accountability, as outlined in the bill that she sponsored and which was passed in the House, called the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act. Rep. Wilson spoke of the need to address atrocities in camp communities, such as gender based violence, and her desire to learn more from the panelists and gain their recommendations on how to guarantee the right to housing for vulnerable populations.

Pierre Festille DouDou also just gave a powerful presentation on how the land rights of Haitians in the north have been violated through lack of land reform and land grabbing for construction of the northern industrial park.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson with Je Nan Je member and RENHASSA Coordinator, Pierre DouDou to the right, and GARR Coordinator, Colette Lespinasse to the left.

“In order for people to produce, they must first have access to the land. In Haiti, more than 90% of peasants don’t even have access to land…This is an extreme violation of peoples’ human rights.”
He also spoke of the need for a national strategy to guarantee the right to housing for the hundreds of thousands of Haitians who are currently displaced. This is not a question of lack of available land or resources, it is a question of political will.


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